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Year Ahead Readings

Every December 31st, or January 1st depending on if I had fun plans on New Year's Eve, I do a Year Ahead Reading for myself.

Why Year Ahead Readings Are Valuable

I don't know about you, but as each new year approaches, I begin to feel hopeful for a fresh start and excited for what's in store for me. A Year Ahead Reading allows you to tap into the wisdom and guidance of your spiritual team to see what energies and opportunities await you.

Best Decks to Use for a Year Ahead Reading

The best deck for a Year Ahead Reading is your favorite deck, of course!

I have so many decks, it isn't funny. But, currently, my two favorite decks are Angel Wisdom Tarot and The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle, both of which were created by Radleigh Valentine. I feel most connected to these decks at the moment.

How to Conduct a Year Ahead Reading

Step 1: Connect to Your Angels / Spiritual Team.

The first thing I do is close my eyes and call in my Spiritual team. My team is HUGE. It consists of my four guardian angels, my oracle teacher, the guardian of my card decks, and my two main guides that I have names for. I know I have more guides on the other side looking out for and helping me, and I hope I get to know them all at some point. Then, I ask any Archangel I think could be of assistance to jump in. My go-tos for this type of reading are Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel.

Step 2: Get Quiet, Focus, and Shuffle.

Once I call in my Spiritual team, I get quiet and focus on what I want the cards to reveal, which for this reading would be "What's in store for me this year." And, I keep repeating this question in my head as I shuffle my cards.

Step 3: Cut the Deck and Place Your Cards Down.

Once I feel like I've shuffled enough and the cards are ready for me, I cut the deck and pull my first card, which is the overall energy for the entire year. I place this card facedown. Then, I repeat this again for January through December. And, because I like to use two decks, I repeat all of this again using my other deck of cards.

Step 4: Check Out Your Cards!

This is the fun part! It's time to check out your cards! I like to go through them one by one and write down any intuitive hits I get from the images, words, and numbers. And, since I use Angel Wisdom Tarot, I also think about the Archangel on each card (if there is one) and what else that might mean for that month.

Checking In Each Month

At the beginning of each month, I revisit which cards I pulled for that month and the intuitive hits I jotted down. And, at the end of the month, I reflect on what happened throughout, and how the cards aligned with my life experiences.

Get Your Own year Ahead Reading!

Ready to discover what the year ahead has in store for you? Book an hour reading with me! If you schedule before January 31, 2024, you'll get $20 off! Just email me at to set up a time.

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